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One of the most frequent questions we get is “what’s the difference between document preparation and legal advice?”

This article will go into detail about these definitions so you can better understand which option might be best for your needs!

Our Document Preparation Service (ProDocs LLC) prepares the necessary documentation for Estate Planning and Asset Protection, based on clients’ wishes and in compliance with current laws.

Our documents are time-tested and reviewed by our attorney assuring compliance with all federal, state, and local statutes.

What makes ProDocs LLC unique and essential to Financial Planning?

ProDocs LLC is part of Wealth Management Accounting (WMA). Our unique team approach is committed and structured to improving clients’ lives by providing individualized tax reduction planning strategies that align with client needs for Estate Planning, Asset Protection, and Investment Management.

The operating documents of business entities must have the correct language to be useful as a tool to meet the client’s goals. With the proper operating agreements and experienced trusted advisors working together, WMA can deliver unparalleled results: Results that enhance our client’s wealth.

Let’s start with an overview of each service.


  • We help prepare or assemble your documents for filing with legislatures without giving any legal advice.
  • This preparation includes help with drafting, revising, or reviewing any type of written document.


  • An attorney gives their opinion about how the law applies to your situation and provides guidance on how best to proceed with your case or transaction based on their expertise.
  • Legal Advice from an attorney can include providing information about what steps should be taken next, whether certain claims have merit, etc.

ProDocs documents have proven to be effective in helping our clients ensure asset protection, aid in tax reduction planning strategies, and be the centerpiece of long-term estate planning. Our advisors need these tools to develop creative solutions and options that would otherwise be unavailable to our clients.

Document preparers do not practice law. We cannot represent a client in court. We cannot suggest what a client should do in a particular matter or make predictions about how legal issues might proceed. We can provide generalized legal information to our clients, but we cannot provide legal advice.

Why it is important to know the difference

There are many differences between these two services. We want to make sure you understand why it is important to know which one you need before hiring a professional.

Suppose, after speaking with our team of professionals, you have a good sense of direction and know what you want. In this case, we can accurately input that information into our pre-approved forms.

On the other hand, suppose you are unsure of how to proceed with a particular matter. In this care, there is no substitute for an attorney to give legal advice to you and your family. We highly recommend that you pose any specific questions to a licensed attorney. Preferably an attorney we recommend who is experienced and has a history of success in solving specific issues.

Legal questions that are best answered by a lawyer, as opposed to a document preparer:

The main drawback for using a document preparer vs. an attorney is that the services a registered legal document preparer provides can only cover document preparation and case processing or management. In this regard, if your case is complicated or has unique issues, you likely need the help of an attorney.

Legal advice is specific to the unique needs and circumstances of each client. The advice offers an approach tailored to the client’s distinct situation and is much more than general advice appropriate for all persons. The giving of legal advice is the legal representation of you and your family and creates an attorney-client relationship.

We cannot advise on specific legal questions about our clients’ legal rights or remedies. If our client has complicated or unique situations, we will inform them that an attorney’s representation is recommended. We will refer our clients to an attorney who has experience working with ProDocs LLC and has shown expertise in areas of practice needed by our clients.