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Tax Planning

For some, taxes are the single largest recurring expense incurred over their lifetime. Yet, because many don’t understand the importance of tax planning, they end up taking a reactive approach to their taxes. For higher-income earners, this can be disastrous. A proactive approach must be taken to reduce tax liability.

Tax planning is a review of your financial plan from a tax perspective. Through tax planning, all elements of your financial plan work together in the most tax-efficient manner possible. Tax planning is an essential part of an individual’s financial plan and is crucial for success.

Integration of investment and tax planning within your overall financial plan is imperative to creating, preserving, and retaining wealth. By tailoring multi-year strategies, we can ensure that not only do you retain more of your asset base, but also increase your net worth. This enables your wealth and your net worth to grow at an accelerated rate.

Wealth Management Accounting has proven to produce superior results through the years. Our tax preparation team offers an array of knowledge and opportunities to proactively manage your investments and financial affairs in a tax-efficient fashion.

Tax planning is a must to ensure we meet your financial goals.

It is important to have a plan in place that addresses taxes — particularly if most of your assets are in tax-qualified accounts. The fact is, taxes can have a significant impact on your investment returns at any stage of your investing life.

To save on taxes in the future will require diversifying your tax liability today.

Tax diversifying your investment accounts will enable our team to control your taxable income in the future. Our system enables flexibility on how much you withdraw and from which investment account. Having a clear, well-thought-out tax diversity plan allows our clients to create wealth through strategic tax management.

Our goal is to reduce your taxes to the very least amount required by the IRS.

Tax planning is a must to ensure we meet your financial goals.