About Us

An alliance of companies working together to achieve optimum results for the people we serve.


Creating greater access to all-inclusive wealth management

Wealth Management Accounting was created out of seeing a glaring need. The idea of all-inclusive wealth management or the family office was almost solely for the elite. Since our inception, we have existed to bring our blending of things like tax reduction strategies, estate planning, investment management, and asset protection into one cohesive plan to the middle class so they can also achieve their goals.


Our Trusted Resources

Protax wealth management accounting

Tax Preparation & Planning
Contract CFO

Dr financial group inc.

Insurance & Annuities
Financial Guidance
Retirement Planning
Investment Management

ProDocs LLC

Estate Planning
Entity Creation
Asset Protection
Family LLC

Reynolds wealth management

Investment Management
Bank & Lending Solutions
Distribution Strategies
Risk Management

Our Team

Dennis Runkle

Founder | Wealth Management Accounting

Kris Hannah

Partner, Licensed Life Insurance and Fixed Index Annuity Agent, MBA

Mark Ellington

Partner, Licensed Life Insurance and Fixed Index Annuity Agent

Heather Amador, CPA

CPA | ProTax

Wendy Armstrong

Financial Planning Assistant | DR Financial Group

Caley Aument

Executive Assistant/Licensed Agent | Wealth Management Accounting

Donna Bielski

Project Coordinator | ProTax

Denise Casper

Project Coordinator/Licensed Agent | Wealth Management Accounting

Shannon Merriman

Tax Preparer | ProTax

Sandra Miller

Bookkeeping Manager/Licensed Agent | Wealth Management Accounting

Hannah Neuenschwander

Tax & Payroll Specialist | ProTax

Larry Poyser

Outside Sales | DR Financial Group

Barrett Rodriguez

Tax Attorney | Wealth Management Accounting

Debra Runkle

DR Financial Group

Alexander Sloffer

Administrative Assistant | ProTax

Irene Waikel

Bookkeeper | ProTax

James Yergens, CPA

Certified Public Accountant | ProTax

Our Core Values


We strive to deliver the very best service to you while staying up to date on all changes to laws and requirements.


Consistent communication is essential to all-inclusive wealth management. We make every effort to respond to you in a timely manner.


Absolutely everything we do is according to tax law, industry standards, and meets all regulatory requirements.

Tailored Solutions

All-inclusive wealth management must be customized to every situation. All strategies will be based on your unique goals and priorities.

Ready for all-inclusive wealth management?