IRA Rescue

IRAs are a ticking timebomb, allowing you to unknowingly make costly mistakes.

What is IRA Rescue?

You’ve probably been advised your whole life that you should have an IRA in order to save for retirement. And yes, IRAs can be excellent vehicles for putting away funds for the years beyond work. However, to avoid Medicaid spend down, at some point, you will want to have the least amount of assets in your own name as possible.

The IRA rescue works in conjunction with your Estate and Asset Protection Plans to help you reduce the funds visible to Medicaid, for Nursing Home Costs, should the need arise.

At Wealth Management Accounting, we will advise you on the best method to transfer funds out of your IRA while reducing tax liability and protecting your assets from future Medicaid issues.

Protection of your wealth is our number one priority, and we implement several strategies based on your specific situation. Our experienced financial planners have worked to develop the most efficient methods.