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Survivor Assistance

Losing a spouse or family member can be extremely painful. Survivor Assistance is an important service we provide at WMA that often goes unappreciated until it’s needed.

At WMA, we have a process in place to assist you in making financial transitions and decisions as simple as possible, whether you are our client or the family member of a client.

We understand your pain and loss, and we want to provide answers as soon as possible.

Our team is ready to assist you when the unthinkable happens. We will provide aid that quickly and easily outlines immediate action steps, as well as timelines for tasks that can be dealt with later.

Survivor assistance

We have already asked the tough WHAT IF’s, and we have taken the time to consider present needs and future misfortune. Planning and preparing for the inevitable is one of our strongest qualities at WMA. Part of our mission is to help clients make financial decisions in an ordered, rational fashion, rather than leaving them in a position to react to negative news.

In this raw emotional state, when the smallest thing can be upsetting or damaging, we want to provide relief.