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IRS Rescue

Experienced representation to help you or your business with tax issues

What is IRS Rescue?

Every year millions of people and businesses under-report or under-pay their federal and state taxes. The IRS reports that it is trying to collect over $100 billion in back taxes. Whether your tax issues stem from an audit, unexpected emergencies, or simply failing to make required payments, the IRS will use all the enforcement powers at its disposal to secure repayment of the amount owed. Some states can be even worse than the IRS when it comes to collection of back taxes.

The WMA team includes Enrolled Agents and Attorneys with substantial experience representing clients before state and federal taxing authorities. If you or your business has any issues with tax collections, we can help.

Our representatives have saved our clients millions of dollars in taxes. Just as importantly, they take a holistic, team-oriented approach that incorporates our advisors, accountants, and the client’s goals to ensure not only the best resolution of the tax issues, but also the best overall solution to meet the needs of each client.