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Financial Circle of Care

The Most Comprehensive Approach to Wealth Management


Unleash the Pinnacle of Wealth Protection and Growth

Navigate your wealth management journey with confidence and clarity. The Financial Circle of Care (FCOC) offers a seamless, all-inclusive approach to safeguarding and optimizing your family’s finances, ensuring peace of mind for both parents and children.

Financial circle of care

Key Pillars of the Financial Circle of Care

Services offered under the Financial Circle of Care

Unified Wealth Management

A streamlined strategy ensures that all facets of your wealth are interconnected and working cohesively towards your financial goals.

Asset Protection with Family LLCs

Strong safeguards in place to protect your family’s wealth against uncertainties and liabilities.

Maximized Tax Efficiency

Intelligent strategies to optimize your tax position, ensuring more of your wealth is preserved and put to work.

Medicaid Planning & IRA Safeguards

Expert guidance to navigate healthcare and retirement planning, preserving your assets and ensuring you’re well-prepared for the future.

LawSafe: Secure Legal Document Storage

A simplified and secure solution for managing and protecting your crucial legal documents.

Survivor Assistance

Planning and preparing for the inevitable in an ordered, rational fashion.

All at one FIXED PRICE.


Who is the Financial Circle of Care for?

  • Individuals in the “Retain Stage” (Age 60-80)
  • People preparing to retire or newly retired
  • Someone ready to retain as much wealth as possible

Experience the difference

Join the Financial Circle of Care and enjoy an approach that includes every aspect of your financial goals, protecting and nurturing your wealth with care, unmatched expertise, and the warmth of a team behind you 100%.